Making Cent$ India British 1/2 Pice Earrings

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Starting in 1862 and continuing for 80 years, Great Britain issued copper coinage for India in many denominations including the 1/2 pice (1/8 anna). Coins were minted in India with the effigy of King George V from 1911 to 1936 due to the increase in the price of silver caused by World War I (1914-1918).

This is a great bit of history as well as a beautiful addition to your earring collection. The outer edge is a wreath of vines and leaves surrounded by a small dot detail.

The coin itself is 3/4 on an inch with a complete drop on 1.5 inches from the ear lobe. 

Wires are nickel free, antique-copper.

Customers can feel free to clean the earring “hook” or finding, but should refrain from cleaning the actual coin. They are all sealed with jewelry grade sealant or enamel and should never tarnish or need cleaning.

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