Earn 5 Rewards Points

This new website gives you the opportunity to leave reviews on each item page, and we encourage you to do so! To make the stakes sweeter, we'll give you 5 REWARDS POINTS for each review you leave on the site, NOW through OCTOBER 31st!
Just a few rules:

1. Make sure you're enrolled in our Rewards program. If you're not, look for the green "Rewards" icon at the bottom right of our website. Otherwise, we can't award the points!

2. When you leave a review, remember the following:
a) You must actually have purchased the product. Then, please review the product and try to avoid any dissertations on other topics. For general inquiries/praise/complaints, use the "Ask a Question" form just above Reviews.
b) You don't have to use your real name for the review, but you DO need to use your email you're registered in Rewards with so we can figure out how to give you points! The name will appear on the site, but your email will not.
c) Please leave an honest review. Other customers will use these to judge making purchases, and real feedback is important to us. No harm, no foul for negative opinions and you will still get points for leaving a less-than-flattering review, unless you violate...
d) no swearing or name calling or anything else that might be considered rude (we will be the final arbiters of that), then NO points are awarded and you are voted off the island.

Give us 48 hours or so to award the points, since it's not automatic and must be reviewed/monitored/committed by a Human Sara.
You'll be able to see when they've been applied to your account.