RINSE Beard Oil Skin & Whisker Elixer
RINSE Beard Oil Skin & Whisker Elixer

RINSE Beard Oil Skin & Whisker Elixer

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Argan Oil, Squalane Oil (derived from the olive), Grapeseed Oil & Coconut Oil team up to moisturize, provide a natural (non-greasy) sheen & tame the whiskers while helping to keep the skin below supple & healthy.

While those oils do the "heavy lifting" a light blend of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemon & Lime Essential Oils not only create a clean beard-friendly smell (that's not overpowering, after all it'll be right under the nose) but they are also known for their many properties including being astringent, antioxidant, anti fungal & cleansing.

Why did we choose this collection of oils, here's the short of it: Argan Oil derived from the Moroccan Argan Tree. Argan is a light, almost scentless & quickly absorbing oil packed with all sorts of fatty acids as well as vitamin e.

For the hair, Argan Oil helps to ease frizz & provide a natural shine. Squalane Oil derived from the Olive. Squalane is a light, scentless oil that absorbs quickly & deeply. The compound of the oil is the same as a lipid already found in our skin so you are not introducing anything foreign to the body. Squalane Oil is great for experienced skin; cell regeneration (think anti-aging) as well as being a great healing oil. Grapeseed Oil derived, well from the grape. Grapeseed Oil is a light, almost scentless & quickly absorbing oil packed with Linoleic Acid which is great for inflammation & has acne fighting properties. Use for dry damaged hairs. Coconut Oil (fractionated) derived from, you guessed it, Coconuts! Fractionated Coconut Oil is very light (unlike regular coconut oil), almost scentless & quickly absorbs into the skin. Fractionated Coconut is a great moisturizer for both hair & skin while it helps provide a light feel to oils.

Tip: Having an especially dry & itchy under-beard... Apply a generous amount of Beard Oil at night & sleep on it. Tip 2: Use as a facial moisturizer, too. While you're there why not do the whole face.

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