RINSE Body Conditioning Bar

RINSE Body Conditioning Bar

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Dry, did you say you were dry!?!? Not after you use a conditioning bar.

You condition your hair, why not your skin? It looks like a soap, but it's actually a lotion... Well, everything that a lotion is minus the water. That's where your shower comes in.

After you wash & rinse, "lather" the conditioning bar. Rather than bubbles, the bar will mix with the water on your skin and actually create lotion on your skin. Rub the newly created lotion into your skin, rinse if you would like, step out of the shower, & pat yourself dry.

Heat Advisory: If ordering during summer months the Conditioning Bars may melt during shipping. We will do everything in our power to insulate them & only ship when the package will not sit in a shipping facility over a weekend. We will also package them so that if they do melt that they will not damage any other products you may have ordered. Upon receipt, if your bar is melted/mushy just pop them in the fridge for 1-2 hours & they will be ready to use (although they may be a little ugly). Please use your discretion when ordering during the summer.

Note: may make surfaces slippery. Try not to leave in the direct stream of water.

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