Sheeple- The best game in the EWE-niverse
Sheeple- The best game in the EWE-niverse
Sheeple- The best game in the EWE-niverse

Sheeple- The best game in the EWE-niverse

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Sheeple: Fun Family Party Game for 3-10 players, ages 8+ - Think Like a Sheep!

A hilarious party game where you start as a sheep, and are trying to evolve into sheep-person.

1. Pick a category 2. Frantically brainstorm. 3. Compare answers: items only score points if other players also put them down!

So to win, ewe must Think Like a Sheep! 

Plays in 30 minutes.

Each player is a sheep who is trying to become a "Sheeple" - a sheep that walks upright, wears human clothing, goes to school, and is working toward a career. Sheeple is like the opposite of scattergories, and it’s like the game of life but with sheep. Each turn, a player draws a category card. Example categories might be: useful items in a zombie apocalypse, dangerous animals, or super powers. Each player has a minute to scribble down as many items that fit that category as they can think of. Each item only scores if other players also put it down. So to win, you must think like a sheep!

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