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If you need additional information, please feel free to call us at 304-522-MAIN(6246) Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You may also reach us by email at

1 Most Asked Questions for the Saras
1.1 I want to order make my order an in-store pickup. Why does it want a shipping address?
Never fear: the shipping address is simply bad messaging on the web site. If you are not shipping and item, this address will also count as the billing address of your credit card, so fill it out completely. When you continue to the next page, you'll see the option for in-store pick-up. Any questions? Please call us at 304-522-6246.
1.2 How long will it take to get my stuff?
We ship web orders Tuesday through Saturday (unless that ONE maildude forgets to show up) and we use USPS. The farthest location (Alaska/Hawaii) will still have items within 5 days. It's pretty daggone quick. If you order something over the weekend, we'll get it out on Tuesday. Something oversized may take us an extra day while we root around for a proper box, but you should see your order within 5 days, still.
1.3 Is everything online in your store?
Unless it specifically says in the description that it is a special order, yes. Special orders are usually confined to large or expensive items that one would purchase after careful consideration.
1.4 How do I cancel an order?
Unfortunately, you are unable to instigate your own order cancellation. Please send an email to or call us at 304-522-6246 to cancel an order. Please have your order number at the ready.
1.5 How do I know if something will fit?
We try to add information about sizing to the items descriptions as we get it from customers. However, what is one person's "true fit" will be another person's "there is no possible way this is my size". Often, we take the manufacturers word for it if we have no other input. If you're unsure, feel free to give us a call at 304-522-6246 and we'll consult.
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