Regarding Reviews

One of our favorite features of this website is that it provides the opportunity for you, the customer, to review items on each detail page. We encourage you to do so, as genuine customer feedback is useful for other shoppers and to us, the store owners.  Your constructive criticism and input helps us greatly in assembling out collections and in our buying efforts. In fact, if you decide to click an extemely low or high star number,  we ask you also leave a written comment so that others may determine why you rated it at that level.

All legitimate reviews will be included on the site. We ask that you submit a valid email address with each review so that if we have any questions or feel your concern should be further addressed we have a point of contact for you. However, rude, abusive and extremely negative posts will not be tolerated. Trolling is not conducive to good business and no attacks or personal remarks directed at other reviewers will be included. We are not trying to suppress anyone's opinions, but outright mean or overwhelmingly negative comments will not be tolerated.

These rules of posting reviews will be accepted by you, the consumer, without question as a condition of using our site. This is not negotiable.