Coming Home Collection-Southern Firefly Candle Company

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Heather and Brandon Ainsworth started Southern Firefly Candle Co. in their home kitchen in 2012. They created a simple recipe that utilized minimal ingredients to create a luxury-grade soy wax candle with incredible fragrance. We are proud to be carrying these fine candles in Huntington. 
Eco-friendly ingredients. Candle volume: 14oz. Minimum 50hr burn time. 100% soy wax. 100% cotton wicks. Price is per candle.

WEST VIRGINIA: Mountain Maple.  A perfect blend of crispy pine, maple wood, citrus, fresh grass,  and sandalwood. We're thinking of a cool day spent hiking around out back of the farm. Mountain mornings never felt so good. 

KENTUCKY: Vanilla Bourbon. Home to the Kentucky derby, where all of the South's finest gather, they've taken the sweetness of a southern lady and the strength of a gentleman to create this vanilla bourbon fragrance. 

NORTH CAROLINA: Sea Salt and Oak. East coast charm bottled up in one intoxicating fragrance! Nothing compares to lounging under rustic oak trees while soaking in the sea salt air when visiting North Carolina. Very clean and fresh.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Sweet Pipe Tobacco. Driving through South Carolina you just can't help but notice field after field of tobacco. Reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco with a hint of cherry, burning this scent will feel like sitting in the chair where your Grandpa smoked his pipe.

OHIO: Buckeye.  Home to a wondrous river and Midwestern spirit, a rich blend of chocolate and buckeye nut give this fragrance depth and interest.

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